Comte Henry is a wine trading company born in 2016. It is the result of an envy of finding and sharing the best wines in order to magnify the complex and nuanced expressions of Sauvignon banc. 


Relationships are the heart of our project. I love sharing my passion for wine that has conducted me for 30 years.  When I choose to collaborate with people, their personality and love for the wine are my first criteria. 

I have traveled across France for several month and selected a qualitative range of sauvignons that represents the qualities of these terroirs where the grape express itself particularly well. 


the ancient history of various terroirs

a tale of men and wines

The written History of Sauvignon starts in the Loire valley, at Lerné, a small village near Chinon. In 1534, it was mentioned under the name of Fiers in the roman Gargantua by François Rabelais who was born in Touraine. 

Its geographical origins are also to be searched in France's South-West, in the Côtes de de Gascogne, between the  Languedoc and  Bordeaux where it will be formally mentioned in 1736.

It is now the second most planted grape throughout the world and presents highly diverse profiles, making it a multidimensional grape. 

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